Lukas Maeder

represented by Julia Froehlich
and Nadine Asari

worldwide excluding Switzerland

Lukas Maeder, photographer and director, lives with his family in Zurich, Switzerland.
His work is characterized by a sensitive and soulful tonality that has earned him much recognition.


As a photographer, he has evolved from taking snapshots of fellow skateboard aficionados to portraying some of the world’s greatest pop stars. As a director he is able to draw out the best of the people in front of the camera and make the story come alive.

Strongly influenced by music and sports, he constantly updates his formula and experiments with his visual language, focusing on moving the story forward and letting his protagonists shine.

To take the step from photography to moving images feels completely natural to him, because his approach is the same: to put himself in other people’s shoes and to lead them to the point where they can show their full potential.

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