young director based in Hamburg

represented by Hannah Truschnowitsch and Petra Hüsstege

To survive a science- and maths-orientated high school without any noteworthy science and maths skills, Gaullo started to follow his passion for film, theatre and literature early  - and got into creative industry right after his exam and his compulsory community service on an island in the North Sea.

After working as a copywriter for several years (and an one-year-belief that law studies could be fun), Gaullo went to art school to focus on his two cinematic passions directing and screenwriting.

Gaullo is inspired by Tom Tykwer, Sebastian Schipper, Jean-Luc Godard, Jacques Demy - and life.

Gaullo loves thinking out of the box, people, twists, pizza, Lisboa, Tel Aviv, Coming of Age and road movies.

As a feminist, optimist & global citizen, Gaullo believe in fresh ideas, charming stories and films that matter - regardless how short or long they are.