Willy Dettmeyer

DOP based in Berlin.
Represented worldwide by
Lena Seliger

Willy Dettmeyer is a Berlin based Director of Photography. After he finished school in Chemnitz, he discovered his passion for filmmaking while writing, directing and photographing short films. The cinematic magic he experienced in the movie theaters lit up a spark and the wish to join the cinematic world and create visual magic himself.


After working as a freelance Gaffer and 1st AC to gain experience he studied film at theFilm academy Ludwigsburg in Germany. He graduated in 2004. Since then ,for many years, he traveled all over the world to shoot international commercials in Europe, America, Afrika and Asia. He enjoyed the cultural experiences and exchange and he also enjoyed working with the local clients and crews.

Since 2015 Willy also brought his talents to the big screen. He shot feature films like the grimme award nominated movie Dolores (2015), and the Sci-Fi movie Exit (2019) and also several episodes of the german crime series Tatort. The Tatort “Meta” won a Grimme Award in 2019. His recent project for TV was 6 episodes fantasy series, based on best-selling author Wolfgang Hohlbein`s book “The Gryphon” (Der Greif). This series will launch on streaming service amazon prime in 2023. His talent for strong cinematic visuals and emotional storytelling can also be found in his recent commercial works, like for BMW, Toyota, Siemens, Lindt and more.