Willem Malevich

AI ARTIST represented by Froehlich Team

WILLEM MALEVICH, born in the 90s, is a renowned artist and pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). With his insatiable thirst for knowledge and passion for art, he has made it his mission to explore the connection between AI and photography.


From an early age, Willem displayed an extraordinary artistic talent. After studying art at the renowned Art Academy, he quickly gained recognition in the photography world and created unique works. But his quest for novelty and his interest in technology led him to artificial intelligence.

Willem began to study the latest AI trends intensively and realised the enormous potential of this technology for photography. He experimented with different AI algorithms and developed innovative approaches to incorporate AI into his artistic work.

After countless hours of research and experimentation, Willem finally found his way to real photography in AI. He used AI to generate images based on the principles of photography, but created by an AI. These unique works were well received by the art community and shared in prestigious galleries worldwide.

Willem's innovative use of AI in art has not only opened up new possibilities for creative expression, but has also sparked discussion about the role of technology in photography. However, he always emphasises the importance of human influence and artistic vision in the use of AI.

With his groundbreaking work and vision to revolutionise the art world through AI, Willem Malevich has left a lasting impression and has become a source of inspiration for many emerging artists. His journey to rediscover art is far from over, and he remains committed to further exploring the boundaries of creativity and deepening the connection between AI, photography and film.


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