Trevor Forrest

represented exclusively in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Carolina Klass

Trevor’s formative years were spent in the North of England in Manchester, the Carribean and the countryside of Norfolk England.


“The travel became a school of visual storytelling, an education in celebrating and embracing difference. The scale of a landscape, the shifts of color, as well as people, applied to a great story are the elements that elevate any project.”

After winning Best Cinematography at Tribeca NYC, he built relationships with award winning and commercially successful directors, producers and actors. This has lead to a portfolio of projects that have collected Emmys, Golden Globes and International Festival wins.

His awarded work started with the right of passage escape - Una Noche, followed by the LA Noir Thriller ‘I Am The Night’ with Producer Director Patty Jenkins. The maternal driven drama ’Little Fires Everywhere’ (8 Emmy, Camerimage Best Cinematography for TV Pilot).

The Psychological Thriller ‘Yellow Jackets S1’( 5 Emmy wins Best Mini Series , Best Actress).

And Super Pumped - The story of Uber, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt , Uma Thurman

The range and scale of Trevor’s projects are always made with a care and attention to detail to bring an audience closer. This began with stills photography and continues today in the form of international commercials.

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