Scotch Carlsen

Directing DOP duo based in Munich.
Represented worldwide by
Nadine Asari

Scotch Carlsen is the symbiosis of cinematic looks, analog vibes, good music and always a bit of punk attitude.


On set we split our brainstem to director and camera half and cerebellum left already knows exactly what cerebellum right wants.

We are a team and train our common sense of taste non-stop. Every fantasy is allowed, even if it pushes us again to build a devil machine that can only be controlled with a playstation controller.

Since our studies, we rarely write, screw, narf around and drink alone. This is definitely the coolest thing about being a duo - and it's a huge advantage for our smooth communication on set.

We are Scotch Carlsen. 2 bodies / 1 brain. Oh!

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