Samuel Bennetts


Represented by Beate Schuster

Director Samuel Bennetts spent his childhood in Sydney, Australia.
He began his directing career in his teens, directing stage plays. He went to university to study science and psychology, but always felt a burning passion for drama, continually directing various productions on screen and stage.


After directing his first short film, Samuel quickly executed dozens of low budget music videos for bands such as Rogue Traders, INXS, Grinspoon, and his childhood friends - Bluejuice.
Moving to London, Samuel moved into commercial filmmaking directing promos for the BBC.

After meeting the love of his life and moving back to his hometown of Sydney, Samuel became highly sought, working with brands such as VW, McDonalds, Johnson & Johnson, Castrol, Ebay, Powerade, and Canon.
Today he lives in Los Angeles and works on commercials and digital productions. He continues to strive for new and interesting ways to express his creativity working closely with actors, cinematographers, designers, and postproduction artists.

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