Peter Bender

represented by Lena Seliger

Peter Bender is a german film maker and photographer.While he was a young free-skier and skater watching 16-mm films around the millennium, he discovered his dedication to produce skate videos with the right aesthetically approach.


Since then about 10 years past, Peter grew to be a full time film maker and photographer. After his A-levels in 2009 he set course for Paul Ripke's studio in Hamburg, where he did a long term internship in photography and got to know the creative business.

To push his profession even further he moved to Frankfurt and accomplished his bachelor's degrees in time based media at Hochschule Mainz.

He already worked as freelancing assistant, photographer and filmmaker for several companies and business when he made his bachelor project, a state of the art documentary about young wine makers called „Jungwinzer - the next generation of winemakers“.

Filming in his home area, a rural, almost remote part of Rhineland-Palatinate, he fell in love with that area and its authentic culture. Food, wine and working with authentic people became motifs of his projects. Depicting the reality in an aesthetically refined way, his style remains very natural even though you will always notice a commercial touch to it.