Niels Thomsen

AI ARTIST represented by Froehlich Team

Based in Hamburg, Germany, and originally from the far north of Germany, my journey began in production and led me to directing. As visual AI technology emerged, I ventured into experimenting with the existing tools of the time.


Over time, my fascination grew, and I started incorporating AI into my own visuals and presentations.

Today, I harness the power of AI as one of many tools in my arsenal to create compelling visual concepts and ideas. My expertise spans concept development, creative directing, projects with heavy VFX components, and captivating beauty and lifestyle works. As my career evolved, I discovered the value of strategic development, which seamlessly complements my concept work.

Furthermore, I am proud to be part of GSTLT-Studio, a collaborative hub of individual artists. I still love being a part of this exciting industry and I love to collaborate as this brings out the best result.


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