Mikki Sindhunata

represented by Beate Schuster


Mikki Sindhunata is a Netherlands based director with an expressive visual style. Her roots in the dance world give her a sensitive directing style and a performative film language, originating from movement and driven by flow.


Mikki always had a big curiosity for people and culture. Growing up in the Netherlands as a child from Chinese-Indonesian parents, she didn’t see a lot of accurate representation for her own mixed culture in the Dutch films and media.

After highschool, she studied media behavior science at the University of Amsterdam. But soon she noticed that she needed to be on the creative side if she wanted to add something to the media landscape.

She started creating her own stories that were questioning societal norms. Being raised with norms such as modesty and silence, speaking loud felt counterintuitive. That's why she started to express herself through dance and image.

After university, she continued studying audiovisual art at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Additionally, she broadened her artistic field by diving deeper into film and performance arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. In her work, Mikki doesn't shy away from experimentation and often combines these multiple worlds of film, arts and performance.

This makes her a multidisciplinary artist with one foot in the dance world and one foot behind the camera. Currently, a big drive for her as a commercial director is to help brands find their true voice in these modern times - through true casting and free form. Next to her own writing, she works to create films for international brands such as Ikea, Ecco, Libresse, McDonald's, Albert Heijn, Philips and Sony Music Entertainment among others.

The film It starts with a (heart)beat was made to create awareness for sign language and premiered at Dancescreen 2019 and got shortlisted 4x at Berlin Commercial Festival 2020 and Cinedans 2020. Also, her commercial for Ecco Leather made the shortlist of Berlin Commercial Festival 2022.

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