Mattia Lunardi

represented by Carolina Klass

I’m born in a magical tiny lake in northern Italy.

After a childhood spent playing the guitar in a couple of Heavy Metal bands, feeding myself with music and cinema, and forcing parents and friends to act in my first film experiments, I finally moved to the big city and graduated at the New Academy of Fine Arts of Milan.


I started my career working in motion graphics and post-production, then hanging around with my camera to shoot music videos, branded content and short movies. Later on, I intensified my role as narrative and tv commercial director with a passion for comedy, lifestyle and storytelling.

After shooting with many production houses in Italy, enjoying collaborations with great agencies like Ogilvy, McCann, Saatchi & Saatchi, Wunderman Thompson, and many others, I recently landed on the international market, shooting in the Middle East and Asia.

I really love comedy and lifestyle genres, enjoy crafting with creatives and actors but always supervising the look & feel.

Some of my commercials got recently awarded and I also got some prizes with my short movies. In 2020, I took advantage of the lockdown for making an animation series released and available on Amazon Prime Video Italy, which was a new intriguing and fresh directing experience.

My clients portfolio includes: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Vodafone, Etisalat, Converse, Oakley, Samsung, Adidas, and many more.

Always willing to travel, chitchatting with creatives, talking with clients, crafting treatments, working with new DPs, and exploring new markets and projects.

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