Marvin Tomé


Represented by Carolina Klass

Born in 1989, Marvin's dedication to film started when he was a young teenager. While traveling with friends on skateboarding road-trips he was responsible for catching the best moments on tape.


His love for cameras intensified when he was working as a sailor on container ships around the world, isolated from the rest of the world at the age of 17. He got used to handling complex tasks with great responsibility during his work in the maritime business.

While always following his passion, he finally managed to step out of his employment and started his own business in 2012 where he integrated all his knowledge and experience.

Music videos became his first sets where he developed his own tonality and precise communication.

After stepping into commercials he collaborated with international brands like Nike, Hugo Boss, Google, Philips, Volkswagen and characters such as Adrien Brody, Cara Delevingne and Karolina Kurkova.

Today, Marvin is a master of creating and controlling energy on his sets. Besides directing all different departments he also focusses on bringing actors and actresses to the right state of mind and energy to the job, to the interactions and its dynamic needs.

He loves to work efficiently, hates wasting time and always brings drive and flow to set, constantly working on becoming a better version of himself.

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