Louis Jablonski

represented worldwide excl. Denmark by Lena Seliger

Louis is a young Danish-French cinematographer based in Copenhagen.


At the age of 13, Louis traded his skateboard for an action camera, igniting a deep passion for visual storytelling and setting his course toward cinematography.

He has a keen interest in unveiling the beauty within dimly lit, high-contrast scenes. Meanwhile, he takes great pleasure in exploring a wide array of genres and themes.

Louis is part of the new generation of cinematographers. His aesthetic is defined by his youthful, energetic, and unconventional approach to his craft, all while demonstrating mastery in highly conceptual and technical setups.

Despite his youth, Louis has already collaborated with major brands.

Approaching his craft with humility, he possesses a discerning eye for nuance and a profound adoration for the filmmaking process. He embraces leadership, fostering a positive atmosphere, and skillfully guiding the artistic vision toward realization.

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