Justin Bodenkamp


Represented by Carolina Klass

The incredible but believable story about me.

Being the product of a Dutch mother and German father, if there were an X factor between these two countries: it would be me.


In fact, all the forces of the galaxy aligned to result in my birth in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It’s no coincidence that I first saw the light of day in a city shaped like a star. Seriously, check it out on Google Earth.

For me to make my grand entrance as a Gen Xer on planet earth, Jimmy Carter had to first become president of the USA, Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive needed to shoot to the top of the charts, and Franco Zeffirelli had to make his movie The Champ. Finally, as the sun dawned on that pivotal day, Stormy Daniels made here entrance on the other side of the globe.

Following all this greatness, the baby boomers took over and I entered the playing field wet behind the ears. Consequently, most of my contemporaries became bankers or real-estate agents. In 2008 they succeeded in overthrowing the banking system and resetting the economy.

Me, born on such an unusual star, the son of a cook-book publisher and a visual artist, my own sights were set on changing the world one commercial at a time. All this by taking on the noble role as Director of Photography.

Justin Bodenkamp NSC