Joschka Laukeninks

Director based in Hamburg.
Represented by Beate Schuster

worldwide for commercials.

Joschka was born in Hamburg in 1989. He has always been interested in creating great visuals and sounds. He cares deeply about the art direction and look of his films, trying to find the right visual elements to support the story and the characters he portrays.


But he also has a passion for sounds and music, which for him is just as important as the visuals. By thinking of a concept not only in moving images, but also in terms of sound and music, he tries to find the right atmosphere and pace for every project.

Joschka has directed many commercials for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, AXE, Samsung, Volkswagen, OTTO, Barclaycard and BMW. Apart from his commercial work, he is also working on personal projects, such as his short film „BACKSTORY“.

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