Joris Dommels

represented by Carolina Klass

exclusively in Germany, Austria and the United States of America.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Joris graduated as a copywriter before he decided that directing was his true calling. And after directing his first commercial, he never looked back.


As he firmly believes humor will save us all, it plays an important part throughout his oeuvre. Carefully crafted, subtly dosed and always genuine.

His recent work shows him as a director with strong visual humor. Joris doesn’t like to be pinned down for one specific style though. His training as a copywriter has given him the unique ability to approach every project in a very conceptual way, instinctively knowing which visual style enhances and strengthens the concept the most. His big smile, positive energy and enthusiasm are powerful sources for the crew and actors on every set, bringing contemporary aesthetic and dynamic style to every film he directs. Joris has an illustrious career working for top brands and agencies like Vodafone, Heineken, Volkswagen, McDonalds, Andrelon, TBWA, Wunderman Thompson and DDB.

His work has gained him accolades, both nationally and internationally. But he doesn’t count his awards. Because work should be taken serious, but never too serious.

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