He & Me

Directing duo based in Hamburg.
Represented worldwide by
Julia Froehlich and Hannah Truschnowitsch
excl. France and the US

Before joining forces, He&Me worked as an assistant team, exploring their own styles until officially joining together in 2011 to work as He & Me.
(Do not draw the wrong conclusions: It is HEckl & MEnnemann, their last names. In work times, however, they do function as a couple).


The two came to directing fluidly. When they traveled halfway around the world for portfolio work, they always wanted to take a film home with them.

It all started with an Audi campaign for which they were booked as photographers. In the end they were able to generate all the moving content with the creation. No rules, just do it.

Then - all of a sudden - working with other DOP’s, they were a directing duo.The duo's work is characterized by their love of conceptual work, following a common thread. Emotion, action and the wow factor - three things that they portray in their films.

The two love shoot scenes that spark the viewers fascination.

Their expertise extends through the arena of automobiles, into fashion and lifestyle bringing their extra touch of excellence that leads them to new challenges reinventing He & Me over and over again.

So - this is He: Yona Heckl from Heidelberg, Germany, born in 1977. After successfully finishing the photography schools in Stuttgart and Munich, he worked as an assistant for several internationally acclaimed and respected photographers from around the world, until founding the company with Tom.

And this is Me: Tom Mennemann from Hagen, born in 1976, same country as He, with the same education, while a different school in Stuttgart.

These days their haven is Hamburg where they both live with their wives and children.