Hanna Seidel

Young director based in Ludwigsburg.
Represented by Beate Schuster

worldwide excluding UK.

Hanna was born 1990 in a village in Lower Saxony and started to work in the film industry when she was 17.


She has been writing and directing her own film projects since 2011, after she had spent some time in London attending art classes. From 2011 until 2015 she studied Film and Popular Culture in Hildesheim, which gave her exposure to the commercial industry and helped her to gain understanding and analysis using pop cultural trends- and the knowledge of how to create new topics and looks, that are memorable.

She has enrolled the directors class at the renowned „Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg" in 2016. During her studies she has shot both specs and commissioned projects. Besides her work as a director she was the leader of the campaign that created a new German law that made upskirting a criminal offence (with campaign gaining the support of over 100,000 people).

Hanna has also worked a lot as an AD, a producer and a casting director, which has given her the experience to become a very reliable director, who still sticks to her vision, and puts a lot of consideration in casting.

She has always kept Great Britain close to her heart. This is reflected in Hanna’s shooting style and her humour, which spreads an international flair. She has won many important international and national awards such as a golden Andy, The one Club Cube in gold and a golden ADC nail - just to name a few.

Hanna is interested in both dramatic films with a violent touch and in comedy with a dark sense of humour. But because the worst thing Hanna can imagine is boredom, she is always open for new topics, genres and challenges.

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