Frederick Gomoll


represented by Nadine Asari

Frederick Gomoll was born in Cologne and grew up in Lich, a small town in the middle of Germany. His childhood hero was Marty Mc Fly from the 80s sci-fi flick Back To The Future. He was so captivated by the movie that he started skateboarding early in his youth which eventually led him to filmmaking.


The entire skateboard culture from fashion to street life, art and media fascinated him. During his more than 20 years on a skateboard, he was sponsored by a major German skateboard brand (MOB Skateboards) and travelled all over Europe, always carrying his film camera and photo equipment.

Through his passion for shooting photos and filming skateboarding, Freddy became more and more interested in the techniques and secrets of the art of filmmaking. He quickly gained experience in both analog and digital methods, printing his own photos in a darkroom and filming as well as color correcting his own movies in digital form. After working as a camera assistant he shot his first feature film “Trennschärfe” at the age of 22.

In 2009 he became a student at the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany where he worked as a D.o.P. on numerous and awarded commercials and short movies. After graduating in 2015, Freddy relocated to Berlin to work as a freelance Director of Photography.

Freddy is a passionate D.o.P. and a relentless perfectionist when it comes to the visual implementation of a project – and he still dreams about getting his first hoverboard to follow in the steps of his childhood hero Marty McFly.

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