Esperanza Moya

Photographer & Director based in Madrid.
Represented worldwide exclusive Spain by
Lena Seliger

Born in Jaén, Esperanza was based in Milan, Barcelona and Alacant. Now she’s in Madrid.


Esperanza fell in love with photography at a young age of 9, but it took her many years and a degree in journalism to convince her that this could also be a real job. She spent hours and hours developing and printing in the B&W lab. And then, she realized her true vocation and decided studying Photography in Barcelona.

Her photography is charge of warm tones and natural scenes.She loves art in all its shapes, but specially she loves writing and cinema. Maybe that's why, when she takes pictures, she wants them to explain something. Esperanza imagines most of all in motion pictures. And mentally she always has a script as a guide but her great skill is improvising.

As she says: “I’m inspired by everyday situations, anonymous images that go to my finger with some idea that is haunting me, characters from a movie or a concrete light anywhere. Simple things inspires me, she said.

She’s obsessed specially with yellow and the 70’s aesthetic. Her personal work is all in film.

Clients include: H&M, Zara, Mango, Vogue, Tommy Hilfiger, IKKS, Lacoste, Papier Mache, Milk, Lefties, Timberland, Glamour among others.

The DHUB (Museum of Design of Barcelona) has 11 of her photographs for its permanent collection.

She has been selected to represent Spain in Photo Hanoi 2023 with 4 of her works.

Other skills: clay and animal activism.

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