Anthony Molina


Represented by Beate Schuster

Born in 1989 in Hamburg and raised in Spain, Anthony is a perpetual camera- addict and probably are his parents to blame, which also worked in the Film and TV Industry, for always having a camera around and providing him the basis for his passion. After getting his first payed jobs for clients like Red Bull and Phillip Morris, he decided to swap the Canary Islands for the German capital to make a living out of his devotion.


What makes his work unique, is his ability to capture raw moments in unique settings and to turn them into big emotions from a very natural perspective. Known for his international style marked by his childhood between two different countries in combination with his ability to unwind in unknown places and situations in different languages, he has been able to realize all kinds of projects around the world.

Distant or just around the corner, each locale offers him new insights and perspectives.
For him, working behind the camera is not just an occupation but a passion that is fundamentally part of who he is.
And as he would say: “In every case, there is always a unique story to tell. Let's tell it together.”