Anna Tarrin

represented by Hannah Truschnowitsch

Born into a family of advertisers, Anna grew up around photo and film studios. After working as a commercial photographer for over 10 years, expanding her horizon to include directing has ignited a new passion. Focussing on babies and kids, she loves to capture the pure, charming and authentic moments that define childhood.


Anna’s greatest assets are her intuitive approach to kids and her ability to produce both still images and film when working on a project. Her gift with children and especially babies is evident on set, allowing her to capture highly aesthetic yet authentic moments and emotions.

It’s not without reason the luna mum magazine has called her „the baby whisperer“. She loves to find the perfect cast and brings a tireless energy to every production.

Among her clients are Nivea, Lindt, Milupa, Hansaplast, Ferrero, Kiri, Rewe, Ravensburger, Stada, Sanostol, Hella, Softlan, Tiptoi, Zalando, Deichmann, Volkswagen, Tchibo, …

Anna is currently living in Hamburg with her husband and their son.


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