Andreas Reimann

Photographer and Director based in Hamburg

represented by Hannah Truschnowitsch

Andreas Reimann, an experienced photographer and food director, successfully completed his training as a photographer in 2002.
His quest for further creative development then led him to study communication design at the renowned Design Factory.


From 2009 to 2023 Andreas worked in an advertising studio, where he worked for national and international clients, agencies as well as magazines.
During this time he was able to continuously expand his photographic skills and expertise.

Today, Andreas' focus is on food photography and still life. He specializes in taking brands and products to a new level with his photography.

His ability to capture the aesthetics of food and still life is a testament to his keen sense of composition, lighting and attention to detail.
Thanks to his many years of experience in the food sector, Andreas is now also booked as a food director.

With his know-how, he can not only create outstanding photographs, but also manage the entire creative process from conception to implementation of a food project.
Thanks to his ability to capture the mood and atmosphere of a set, he is a reliable support on film productions.

His passion for photography and his quest for perfection always drive him to explore new creative avenues and inspire his clients with first-class visual results.


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