Alexander Triebel

represented by Hannah Truschnowitsch

I grew up in rural Upper Franconia in the town of Selb. My big passion has always been sports: downhill mountain biking, swimming, gliding, skiing, skateboarding, just to name a few.


I then discovered my passion for surfing at the age of 17 and can now look back on 10+ years in the surf scene, following several of the best big wave surfers around the world for years. During this time I developed a great passion for film.

Although sport continued to be the focus of my work, my scope of work continued to expand. To improve my skills and experience, especially in lighting and running larger sets, I worked as a gaffer assistant and set runner several times in 2020/21 (e.g. Rotkäppchen TV commercial, Pantene Pro-V TV commercial, The Flight Attendant HBO Max Series).

Today, whether it be in the rain on the ocean, in the sun in the mountains or in the studio set-up, I feel comfortable and I think I can be a real asset to any production with my experience and determined but easy-going nature.