Director based in Frankfurt.
Represented worldwide by
Nadine Asari

Director ACME has a passion for never-before-told, yet relatable human stories. His work spans various media and genres, including comedy, sports, documentaries and drama.


After graduating with a degree in political science and cultural studies, ACME directed commercials for Lufthansa, SAP, Ferrero, TeamViewer and many other brands.

He is a passionate cinephile and filmmaker with a preference for the "out-of-the-box" style of filmmaking. Yet his approach to filmmaking is highly visual, with a strong sense of detail, movement, color and lighting that bring his characters and stories to life. His imagination is fueled by various influences that inspire him to produce cinematic one-offs and convey unusual narratives with a subtle sense of humor.

ACME knows that all films are ultimately not for the client, the agency or the nice filmmaker colleagues, but only for the audience. That's why he sometimes has to make their point. I'm sorry already.

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