Niels Thomsen

Niels Thomsen


Represented by Carolina Klass and Julia Fröhlich

Corinna’s career has taken her from her first position as a graphic designer at the age of 19 to various roles as Art & Creative Director at global advertising agencies and now fulfilling her passion for film as an accomplished director.
Her depth of knowledge has given her the understanding required to fulfil the needs and expectations of client and agency needs across various different industries. She has successfully managed projects in many industry sectors, working with International clients such as Wella in the Fashion & Beauty sector , Lifestyle companies such as Averna and Opel in the automotive industry, which gave her an enormous wide range.
Corinna became a full time director in 2001 and since then has shot more than 300 commercials and become a renowned international director for TVC and image films.
Corinna has a unique understanding of people and has the ability to motivate and create a team that is prepared to fully deliver the passion and vision that she brings to each of her projects. This has helped her work successfully across the globe having led teams in Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa, Lebanon, Spain, Romania, Poland, Denmark, the UK and at home in Germany.
Her on-set positivity extends to the front of camera team, she is very comfortable working with celebrities, being a mother gives her a great understanding of working with children and babies. She can direct models and street casts so that the full emotion and life reality of the shoot stories becomes very evident in her commercials.
Corinna’s grounding in, and enthusiasm for art direction has given her an acute eye for detail enabling her to become very adept at working with all production budgets from small to very large and she has many years of experience shooting high speed as well as spontaneous improvisation set up's.
Whilst Corinna’s passion for food and cooking is evident in the wide range of commercials that she has directed in that field, she is equally enthusiastic and driven to deliver for all her clients who have included Averna, Beiersdorf, Bepanthen, Bongrain, Danone, Deutsche Telekom, Du Darfst, eBay, Edding, Eilles, Ergo Versicherung, Ehrmann, Ferrero, Henkel, Hochland, Kiri, Kraft Food, Knorr, Lidl, Maggi, Mövenpick, Moulinex, Müllermilch, Nivea, Nestlé, Ravensburger, Schwartau, Tchibo, Teekanne, Toffifee,Volvic, WMF to name but a few.
Corinna is married and currently lives with her husband and their two kids in Hamburg/Germany.
She can also be booked as a local director in the U.K.

Niels Thomsen is a director based in Hamburg, Germany. Born in the far north of Germany - imagine there is actually something further north than Hamburg! He fell in love with this city 19 years ago and couldn’t leave since. He loves the sea, cooking, photography, traveling and of course his life and work, which are often one of the same. In the past 15 years of his work in the industry he had a chance to check out almost every single aspect of production. He started as a motion graphics artist, he worked as a production assistant and later as a producer and learned the insides of what makes a good production, which made the switch to directing a lot smoother and very helpful to the production companies he works with :)

Large portion of his work has been done as part of The Marmalade Films, where he did a lot of concept work, table top, had a chance to develop projects with a heavy VFX component and worked on multiple beauty, life style work. His current reel is a mixture of all genres he loves to play with, including of course music videos, which are good for karma and creativity :) During the past years he has also developed the taste for strategic development that often came together with the concept work. This broadened the spheres of his work to encompass the full range that video production has on offer. And even after this many years, he still loves being a part of this exciting industry and loves to collaborate as this brings out the best result.

He worked with many clients just like Procter & Gamble, Beiersdorf, Nestlé, OMEGA, Rolex, Schweppes Deutschland GmbH, FCB Hamburg, LTT, McDonald ́s, BRAUN, AOI Japan, MAYD, John Frieda, Nivea, CLM BBDO Paris, Quad Productions, Martell, Miele etc.